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Value-Packed Wedding Photography

Capture unforgettable memories without compromise. My value-driven photography ensures that your special day is preserved with the utmost quality and care.

Limited to 25 weddings a year. 

Personalized Experience

Tailored sessions for camera-shy couples.
A friendly and professional photographer/videographer to make you feel at ease.

Exclusive attention

As the sole service provider for photo and video, you can just focus on me the entire wedding day and not stress about instructions from a lot of people.
Ensures every moment is captured with care and precision.

Posing Guidance

Expert guidance on natural and flattering poses.
Direction to bring out the genuine emotions, ensuring authentic and beautiful shots.

High-Quality Deliverables

Professionally edited photos and videos for a polished final product.
A blend of artistic and timeless editing to create memorable visuals.

Flexible Locations

Willingness to shoot at multiple locations of your choice. I also do location scouting on the day to ensure that the perfect location is used if you do not have anything specific in mind!
Adaptability to various environments, ensuring diverse and captivating shots.

Memorable Experience

A focus on creating not just photos and videos but a memorable experience.
Ensuring that every session is enjoyable, stress-free, and leaves you with cherished memories.

Prompt Delivery

Efficient turnaround time for delivering the edited photos and videos.
Quick processing without compromising on quality as I use state of the art AI technology for selecting and editing photos.

Efficient Couples Sessions

Streamlined and efficient sessions designed to capture beautiful moments without taking up excessive time on your wedding day.
Ensures you spend more time enjoying the celebration with your loved ones while still getting stunning photos and videos.

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Every photo is like an art peace

"If I could give Etienne all the stars in the galaxy in this review, it will still not be enough.
He is an amazing photographer. He has an artistic eye. His pictures are very high quality, and the colorschemes are beyond breathtaking.
I love his work, every photo is like an art peace. I would highly recommend Etienne.
He is very professional, friendly and accommodating.
He guided us throughout the process and made us feel at ease. He doesn't beat around the bush, he is able to work with a fast eye.
His photo editing work is stunning, our pictures looks like something staight out of a fairytale. 

Gert and Anri Bruwer,


Michael and Shani-548.jpg

He is excellent at capturing special moments

"Etienne was a great wedding photographer for our wedding. It was a seamless and professional experience from the moment of contacting him, to our engagement shoot and the actual wedding day. His professionalism on the day, planning and understanding of our unique wedding means that we have amazing memories to look back on. He is excellent at remaining in the background, being unobtrusive but capturing those special moments to cherish forever."

Micheal and Shani Halley,
Du Kloof Lodge

All packages include the following

These items are a wedding standard that I believe in

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All Travel Costs

Embarking on a visual journey with me comes with the added perk of hassle-free travel arrangements. Our packages includes all travel fees, ensuring that the only focus during your photo session is capturing those perfect moments and ensuring that there are no hidden costs

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Professionally edited photos

In the realm of photo perfection, we go beyond the ordinary by incorporating cutting-edge AI technology into our editing process. With precision and efficiency, our advanced AI tools work hand-in-hand with our skilled editors to ensure accuracy and streamline the entire enhancement process. From color grading to fine-tuning details, our commitment to leveraging technology means not only breathtaking results but also a quicker turnaround time

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All images of the wedding day

Preserving the magic of your wedding day is our utmost priority, and that's why we believe in delivering every precious moment captured without any constraints. With no set limits on the number of images, you receive a comprehensive collection that authentically narrates the story of your special day. From the stolen glances to the grand celebrations, we ensure that each heartfelt moment is encapsulated in a photograph. 

Our packages

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Photography only

Starting from R15 450 

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Cinematography only

Starting from R16 450 

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International packages

Starting from $4450 

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