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Posing Naturally: Guide for Camera-Shy Couples on Posing

As a photographer who has shared in the joy of capturing countless love stories, I understand the mix of excitement and nerves that can come with stepping in front of the camera as a couple. Drawing from my experiences, I want to offer some guidance to help you, as a couple, feel more at ease during your photo session. Let's explore ways to celebrate your unique connection and create images that authentically tell your love story.

Bride and groom sharing intimate moment at Dennehof

Connection: As you embark on this photo journey, I prioritize connecting with each other first. I ask you to reminisce about shared memories that you and your partner have and basically tell your love story so that I can convey it through pictures. Establishing a strong connection before the session sets the stage for capturing authentic and genuine moments. Building a strong connection with you both is not just a professional approach but a heartfelt intention. By sharing your story, you help me understand the essence of your love, ensuring that the photographs we create together truly reflect the depth and authenticity of your connection.

natural pose for a shy couple at Morgansvlei

Choose a Meaningful Setting: Select a location that holds personal significance—a place filled with cherished memories or one that reflects your unique story. Whether it's where your journey began or a spot you both adore, being in a familiar environment will help you relax and showcase your true selves.

same sex wedding couple on the beach in a natural pose

Natural Movements: Rather than focusing on rigid poses, I allow your moments to unfold naturally. I typically start with a leisurely stroll and then move on to more intimate embraces or engage in activities that resonate with your relationship. These unscripted moments often capture the true essence and dynamics of your connection.

The beauty of our time together lies in the spontaneity of your gestures and expressions. Starting with a leisurely stroll allows you both to ease into the session, creating a comfortable atmosphere. As we progress, feel free to engage in activities that feel natural to you, whether it's a dance, a shared laugh, or a quiet moment of reflection. These unscripted moments often capture the raw, genuine emotions that define your unique connection.

young bride and groom enjoying their wedding day

Celebrate Your Unique Connection: Embrace and celebrate the beautiful connection you share. Express your love through gentle touches, shared smiles, and those small gestures that define your relationship. These are the moments that will be cherished for years to come. I encourage couples to do what feels natural; I am more a director of moments rather than a photographer posing every small detail. While I may offer some gentle guidance, my primary role is to observe and document the authenticity of your relationship. So, let go of any expectations and allow your love to unfold naturally, celebrating the unique connection that only the two of you share.

close up of a mothers bracelet worn by the bride on her wedding day at raptor Rise in Cape town

Include Personal Touches: Consider incorporating items that hold personal significance for both of you. Whether it's a meaningful prop, a piece of jewelry, or a memento from your journey together, these personal touches can add depth and meaning to your photo session. By incorporating items that hold significance, we can create images that go beyond aesthetics, telling a story that is uniquely yours.

Beautiful bride in a relaxed pose at Dennehof

Trust me as your Photogrpaher: Approach the session with an open mind, allowing me to explore different angles and perspectives. Trusting the creative process and being open can result in images that beautifully capture the depth and uniqueness of your connection. Trusting the creative process involves embracing different angles and perspectives. I might suggest trying something unconventional but I would never put you in a situation that you are not comfortable with.

Bridal couple eating cake at Raptor Rise in Tulbagh

Relax and enjoy the moment: Pay attention to your body language and aim for a relaxed and natural posture. Let go of any tension, and focus on enjoying the moment together. A relaxed body language contributes to a more authentic and comfortable photo session. Forget about the camera, forget about posing—just focus on being present with each other, and the result will be a collection of images that exude authenticity and intimacy.

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